About Us

Who are Coastal Succulents?

We are a small Family business; with our Nursery based in Rural Somerset as well as selling Online across the UK.

Our business was born out of a Love (Ok, an addiction!) for everything Succulent based.

Our vision is to bring amazing Succulents & Cacti to people all across the UK; especially the rare and unusual.

We have a particular Soft spot for Aeoniums & Agaves alongside a raft of 100's of other species & cultivators. 


Our Team

Our team is made up of Chris (Who is the Plant and Beardsman!), Beth (Paperwork, Organisational Guru and lover of Echeveria) & our children; Rosie & Florence (Favourite Plant are 'Bears Paws'!)

Chris has always been involved with Plants from a very Young age & was previously a Garden Designer; running an Award-Winning Garden Design & Landscaping business in the South West. 

This experience puts us in a Fantastic position to be able to offer our Unique Succulent Planting Design Service and genuinely understand how different Succulents fare in the UK climate. We always ensure we always give the Best practical Advice to our customers including advice on soil make-up, best light-levels, feeding & watering etc. 

Beth is the organiser, the structure that keeps us sane and often the 1st point of contact for our online customers. She has a Love for Succulents; particularly of Echeveria as well as Running in her spare time (although we've never seen her combine the 2!)

Rosie & Florence are the new Blood of the Business(!) & our children. They can be regularly seen playing or helping out at the Nursery or at our Markets. Importantly they understood how to remove Cacti spines (!) from a young age! 

Lets not forget Bruno & Matilda! Our Nursery Cats, they are also very 'helpful' and keep any pesky vermin at bay as well as charming visitors to the Nursery!

We GrowLove, and generally jabber on about Succulents 24/7 - we're never happier than when we are surrounded by our Plants!



Eco Credentials!

As Horticulturalists and as a Family Business we take our impact on the environment very seriously. As parents we also have to set the right tone for our children which has led to several nifty changes within our business over the last couple of years!


PEAT- FREE - A buzz phrase at the moment but something that is very important to us. We make all our own Succulent & Cacti soil onsite at the Nursery and buy in component parts inc. John Innes no. 2, peat free compost & Horticultural Grit from one of our suppliers who is situated on the Somerset levels. You can therefore happily say that all our Plants are 'PEAT FREE' which is a crucial step in ensuring the Somerset habitat is kept & restored for future generations.

ECO-POTS - Our children's idea and what a great one with it! We love to get people into plants and growing and 'Eco-Pots' are a great, price-pointed product to do just that... If you visit the Nursery or us at a show you see exactly what mean! They are upcycled bean tins which we paint in vivid colours and plant up with various young succulents and cacti - a novel idea and with over 10 different colours available they are great eco-conscious, affordable and quick-fix houseplants

SINGLE USE PLASTIC - Unfortunately the Horticultural Industry is one of the worst offenders for this. At the Nursery we ensure that all our plastic pots (which are used to grow in) are used 100's of times each to maximise their lifespan and with the introduction of our ECO-POT range reduced our single-use plastic pot usage by 1000's each year which is a big step in the right direction.

PACKAGING - We ensure that the vast majority of packaging for mail order is recycled and we make a commitment that no single use plastic is used in packaging of our plants



Visit Us

Our Specialist Nursery is based just off the A38, in Rooksbridge, Somerset and is Open 'By appointment':

Coastal Succulents, Cacti & Alpines; Orchard Barns, Bristol Road (A38), Rooksbridge, Somerset. BS26 2TG